Losing My Traditions…

…AND CREATING NEW ONES. I refuse to write another sad post. We agree. 2020 sucked! Royally! And for most of the population absolutely every usual routine from years before blew up into smithereens. I’m not saying I’m special; I am saying that I too had an especially life-turned-upside-down year, and all of my usual holiday traditions vanished. Completely dissipated as if they never existed. So I set out to make my own.

Forget about Christmas. If I go there, we will all end up suicidal… so onto New Years!

Homemade pizza with homemade crust is the best.

Back when my husband and I lived at 2321 E Mifflin Street we hosted New Years Eve for friends and all day New Years Eve day I made pizza crusts from scratch. I’d make at least a dozen of them, oven going all day, flour everywhere, and beautiful sweet smelling doughy crusts stacking up in the kitchen with black and white checked floor. The pizza party idea was that our guests would bring what toppings they wanted for their pizza, I had the basics, and at the end of the night, just before midnight, I would announce who won Most Delicious, Most Beautiful, and Most Creative pizza awards. I printed certificates and had large fine chocolate bars for the awards. It kept everyone well fed and festive, that’s for sure. If there is one thing Midwesterners know, you have to eat while you drink. The pizza party definitely alleviated any drunk-on-an-empty-stomach problems and some friends got a bit Type A competitive about it. I miss it.

Cheesy garlic drop biscuits from scratch. Makes the house smell amazing! Definitely worth repeating!

It’s not the same during a pandemic, is it? So instead of keeping everyone else well fed for a drinking fest in my own house, I decided, CARPE F’IN DIEM, LAURA! I made myself crab legs with drawn butter and fresh squeezed lemon (I always put it in the butter), cheesy garlic biscuits, and a modified wedge salad with my own wildflower honey balsamic vinaigrette. I ate like it was my last meal. I loved it! The crab legs are tedious to eat, so it takes a ridiculous amount of time to pry the precious succulent crab meat from it’s crunchy shells. It’s a time for savoring, sucking lemon butter out of the fringy hinges, and telling the dog to stop begging. Definitely doing this every year.

Crab legs! Definitely a new tradition! Maybe someone will be able to split them with me next year.

In the married years, when the clock struck midnight, everyone would cheer and kiss and then we’d go out to the streets and blow on the conk shell to bring in the New Year. I don’t want to talk about how sad my kiss was or how much I wished for passion, but I will say it was nice to know that it was at least a constant. A known factor in the evenings equation. I was going to kiss and be kissed at midnight.

Yeah, that isn’t going to happen this year. No one to kiss except my sweet puppy Janis and well, she doesn’t get it. And it’s not the same. And just when I was bumming about that, a good friend of mine told me the best thing. “Girl, you are smooching yourself on NYE and deserve a full-on make out session with YOU. You are practicing self love right now.”

She was totally right. This is the winter for self love for me, I’m dating myself and loving it. Apparently I’m really good at cooking fine meals for myself. I pick out great wine within a modest budget. And let’s be real, there is a lot of reward in taking the time to pamper yourself inside and out. Getting to know yourself is extremely important if you are ever going to let anyone else love you again. That’s what I’m believing anyway. If I can’t love myself properly, how is anyone else going to be able to? There will be a day I will need to tell someone just how it is, and it will not be without a solid foundation of research and experimentation to prove a few theories. So self love- new tradition that definitely was NOT in the old tradition.

And that brings me to another tradition I’d like to bring into the rest of my life. Nudity. I’m pretty certain there is good reason to ring in the New Year naked. Why not? Here, alone, solo, by myself, not difficult. Lets myself enter the new year completely au naturale. One with the elements. In the future, if I’m not alone, the ringing in the New Year as a pure authentic nude self can happen in a hot tub under the stars, in a sauna with snow to splash into for that stinging skin masochistic refreshment, or skinny dipping in Cannes. It just seems right to me, that we should be naked when we start fresh and new again. Start the new year in a moon bath.

Au naturale! Fresh, exposed, vulnerable, authentic… that’s the way to bring in the New Year!

This could have been a super sad post listing all the things I miss from the past that I couldn’t do this year. But really, as I embraced this new single life, and my friends helped cheer me on, I realized that I really don’t mind shedding the old and shimmying in the New Year with my new life. MY life. MY way. MY traditions.

Just let’s do me a favor for next year, can we? It would be truly really nice to be able to actually kiss someone at midnight next year. Let’s get rid of this pandemic and make it a bit easier on us, ey?

Thank you for reading.


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