One Liner Wednesday: Mad Mailman

My puppy, Janis, and I heard the tell tale beep of the mailman scanning a package next door. We love the mailman. He brings treats to Janis and helps train her to greet people with a Sit instead of jumping, and he always shares a little bit of his daily life.

This particular morning he asked in a more concerned tone, “How are you doing today?” I sat up in my office stage window with Janis and sighed.

“I just read the rainforests are burning at an unprecedented, a scary, devastating, uncontrollable rate. It hurts too much today.”

He nodded. Then it was as if I found that little black switch for different modes on him, you know the kind, like on ’80’s alarm clocks or talking toys. The switch that would turn ON/OFF a Wubble or Teddy Ruxpin.

He started shifting his weight back and forth from the right foot to the left, waving his free arm around and up and down as he sputtered out passionate comments and opinions about climate change. And somehow started swirling in to his climate change questions the fault of immigrants. My gut churned. He worked out words to blame immigrants for their uneducated use of resources and their total lack of concern for the environment as the main cause of all of these natural disasters we are seeing on the news.

Janis squirmed closer to me and leaned her Lab-Pit-Bull hot potato body into mine, hard. She licked my face nervously as if to calm my nerves. The mailman’s hair never looked so blonde, his eyes never so blue, until that morning. And it hurt today.

He finished his campaign against climate change via anti-immigration with this:

“You don’t want all these foreigners coming over here and voting for big government, now do you?”

I hopped out of the stage window. Janis put her paw on my shoulder. I leaned forward and said, “Yeah, actually, I do.”

I sent him away with, “Well, this has been a stimulating morning!” His words kept crawling around my day like autumn wasps. Did he actually believe all that? And why oh why did I have to hear these words from the mail man. The every day mail man.

You don’t want all these foreigners coming over here and voting for big government, now do you?

This is a prompt from Linda Gill. Click on the link below for more.


  1. Jane Sturgeon

    Ohh, Laura, I feel for you. A friend in our circle started to talk along those lines the other day and the rest of us were frozen for a few minutes. Then we all started to say things along the lines of ‘We are all connected’ and ‘Immigration was used as a verbal weapon of fear in the run-up to Brexit. It’s just not true.’ We each have our own thoughts and opinions, but when it hits so close to home it’s unsettling. We are all in this together. Hugs. ❤ Xx

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  2. Ally Bean

    That is sick confused thinking [term used loosely here]. Talk about an unexpected disappointment. I know people like your mailman are among us, but to encounter someone like that gives credence to the idea that not all people are good people at heart.

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    1. laurabecknielsen

      Yeah. I was polite. I nodded. We discussed conquistadors and such and he said, “I read a lot and nothing I’ve read ever indicated that white man wanted to rule over others.” Or something very much to that effect. I simply said well it all depends which version of the history you are reading.

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