44 of My Life Lessons So Far

Every year around my birthday I reflect on who I am and what I’ve learned. Uff! One painful beautiful transtional period after another taught me greatly. One lesson is to give more, take less. I give you this modest gift, a small share of my wealth in life lessons, in no particular order.

  • This is all temporary.
  • Original art is good for you. Immerse yourself in it. Support it.
  • Practice pause.
  • Don’t let someone who is terribly lost give you directions.
  • Enjoy good doses of humor and gratitude before bed.
  • The best skin care consists of making love, eating good produce, and washing your face. Store bought cosmetics only prey on insecurities.
  • Cleaning is most fun when in preparation for a friend to visit. Invite good friends over more often.
  • Take your vitamins and do your kegels.
  • Be the first to greet others with eye contact and a smile- especially to those who look bitter.
  • Nourish your body and mind with love.
  • Learn from your dogs.
  • Rinse away stress with lots of water.
  • Take a walk; there’s rarely a bad time, and many a good reason.
  • Woods or Water, prescribe yourself WoW every day.
  • Honesty is not necessarily kind and can be an essential weapon against stupid mistakes.
  • Laughter counts as excercise.
  • Some friends turn rancid and toxic. Unlike bad fish, you can’t immediately smell when it’s time to dump them, however the release feels incredible once you finally pull out the hook!
  • Growing your own food is exponentially one of the healthiest life practices.
  • Give love through good food.
  • Many of the greatest people on the planet don’t touch social media.
  • You are the sum of the five people closest to you. Check that math and take note every once and a while.
  • Catch frogs low to the ground.
  • Family first
  • Make time for love. Life is too short.
  • Live for the moment, not the weekend.
  • Your native nation looks very different from foreign soil.
  • There is little excuse for staying indoors – get the good gear.
  • Play with what you got- it’s better than sitting on the couch eating potato chips and wishing you were somewhere else.
  • Check your breath.
  • It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.
  • If you put your passion in hibernation, wake it up and let it roar!
  • The best life partner is a best friend and lover.
  • True love is underrated.
  • Do your heart a favor- find gratitude every day.
  • Private information is not privileged information.
  • There is such a thing as bad hugs.
  • Don’t give predatory people permission to ruin your life.
  • If you have to spend money, vote with that dollar.
  • Both positive and negative energy are as contagious as disease.
  • Look where you want to go; if you look down, you’ll fall down.
  • Whiners are not winners.
  • Work begets work. Choose that work wisely.
  • An entire community will pick you up and put you back together when you fall into pieces (after watching your valiant efforts to do the best you can).
  • There is no such thing as “just a dog.”

With this, I begin my personal new year. Sure, I could easily make a long list of all the improvements I want for myself over this next 364 days, but I think it’s healthier to be present, be mindful, and be well. Feel free to share your bits of wisdom in Comments below. A very merry un-birthday to you!


  1. Ally Bean

    This is a wonderful list. I like the idea of creating a list like this as much as the list itself. My current favorite pithy saying is: if the door doesn’t open you weren’t meant to go through it. Not being a defeatist with this idea, just a realist who wants to get on with her life, happily, unburdened by things that didn’t happen.


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