It’s about time.

It’s about time I make a blog site to reflect my writing refresh

We must be willing to leave behind the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to shed before the new one can come.

– Joseph Campbell
Total exposure

I moved back to Door County and started writing again. There is something about walking your dogs in the woods before making your first cup of coffee, chasing the coyote away from the spotted fawn, and discovering your husband’s recent artwork inspired by the sky full of stars that works the words right out of me.

A book is actively pouring onto paper. If I truly embrace a writer title, with the plan to publish this book, I might as well act like a writer with plans to publish books in a blog, right? I take enough photos for Instagram, I prep and cook for National Novel Writing Month like it’s our household ritual, and I’m invited as a writer to local events. It’s about time I admit I’m a bloggable writer.

It takes planning, organization, discipline, and calendar practice. It’s all about time, and of course, dedication. I’m not very girly, so what you’ll find this woman writer sharing is outdoorsy and potentially dirty. I’m a dog mom, not a school-going-kid mom. My husband is an artist, not a corporate wonder. I cook with passion for taste and biodiversity and celebrating all the sweat and grit of gardening. Which is why my categories are going to be Writing, Dogs, Art, Outdoors, and Food.

If you’re up for sharing the adventure with me, please do. We’ll fly fish, restore an old funky boat named Walrus, make pasties in October to feed us through November, follow dogs to the yelping wild animal in the back forty (yes, a true back 40), and show off awesome local artists. We’ll play with words in obnoxiously nonsensical exercises and perform in front of small audiences. And we’ll claim that inky fingers are the way of life as we nerd out about pens, ink, and smooth paper. What took us so long?

It’s about time.

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